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Thousands of people impacted by disasters like tornadoes, floods and other crises need your help. 

- - American Red Cross

Dillard & Associates seizes the opportunity to help when natural disasters strike and supports non-profit organizations with product donations and contributions of funds as well as by efforts.

August, 30, 2017 -- Dear JESSICA DILLARD, The American Red Cross is very grateful for your generous gift of [Confidential $ Amt.] on 08-30-2017 to Hurricane Harvey.

Please see below for a copy of your tax receipt information for your donation. A copy of this tax receipt will also be emailed to

The humanitarian efforts of the Red Cross provide comfort and hope to so many during their times of need. Thank you for your commitment to this critically important work. Our mission depends on the support and compassion of donors like you.

On behalf of those we serve, thank you for standing with us.

Gail McGovern
President and CEO, American Red Cross

WASHINGTON, DC, November 27, 2013 -- Dear Jessica, During this week of giving thanks, I'm thinking of you. No matter the crisis, no matter how many times I came asking for your help this year, you were there, as part of the Red Cross community. 

Thank you…for caring, for responding with compassion, and for being there when someone needed help. 

I meet people often whose lives have been turned upside down after a disaster, and they tell me what the Red Cross has done to get their lives back on track. They shake my hand or give me a hug and say “thank you,” but really, they are thanking you.

It’s your support that puts food and water into the hands of people who are without, helps a person in need of CPR or first aid, provides lifesaving blood to hospital patients and comforts families across the country. You’re the real hero.


Gail McGovern

President and CEO, American Red Cross

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