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14 Dress For Success Tips, Tricks & Tools Every Candidate Needs To Know

Dress for Success
Dress for the Job You Want!

Going into an interview knowing that you look good and look professional can make a big difference on how you hold yourself and present yourself.

1. Biggest mistakes in job interview attire: dirty and wrinkled clothes that don’t fit properly, dirty hands, nails, or hair. First impressions count.


2. For women, don’t wear too much or too little makeup, go light on the perfume, and don’t wear ill-fitting or inappropriate clothing. Make sure your shoes are polished.


3. Don’t “under-dress” for the interview. Professional attire and attention to detail still count. You can never be too professional.


4. Remember that everything — your appearance, your tone of voice, and your conduct — contributes to the impression (positive or negative) that you make.


5. Before a job interview, check yourself from head to toe. Make sure you are presenting yourself appropriately.


6. Don’t wear tongue jewelry to a job interview since it might interfere with your ability to answer questions.


7. Empty your pockets before a job interview. This will keep you from nervously playing with keys or change in your pockets.


8. Try on your job interview outfit at least a day before the interview so you have time to replace items that don’t fit or that are worn or torn.


9. Dress one level above the clothes you would wear on the job.


10. Looking sharp in an interview shows respect for the interviewer, the job, and yourself.


11. You strongly reduce your chances at landing the job if your personal hygiene in the interview is less-than-acceptable.


12. Be sure to brush your teeth and your tongue before your interview.


13. Nobody likes to talk about it, but your personal hygiene may have a huge impact on whether you get a second interview or job offer.


14. Even if your interview attire looks good, it may not smell good. Get it dry-cleaned or laundered and pressed before an interview.

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