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20 Questions Candidates Can Ask to Dominate the Job Interview

20 Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview
"Know What to Ask"

Learn what questions to ask on a job interview and how to ask them.

1. What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 90 days?


2. I understand that your company has been hiring people in this position for a number of years. Looking back at the people you hired three to five years ago, where are they now?
3. Companies have different ways of acquiring talent. Some stress promotions from within while others are prone to look on the outside. What is the tendency at your company?


4. I read in your recruiting brochure that new employees spend five weeks in training before starting hands-on in their new job. Could you tell me more about that?

5. I certainly intend to work hard and prove my value to this company. If you were to rank them, what are the top three traits your top performers have in common?
6. It’s in the nature of the industry and the nature of the job that there are going to be some really intense periods with long days and tight deadlines.  Still, could you describe what a typical week or month on the job might be like?
7. What are the company's highest priority goals this year, and how would my role contribute?
8. I realize it’s important to have a good overview of the company as a whole.  At my level, what type of working relationship would I have with people from other areas of your company?
9. Could you tell me how this position came to be open?  Is this position available because of growth in the company or has someone recently left the position?
10. The job we are discussing sounds very appealing. Why did the previous job holder leave?
11. Can you tell me how your career has developed at your company? You seem so excited about this firm, I would love to hear about it.
12. Please tell me about the reporting relationships involved with this job. To whom would I report and, in turn, to whom would they report. Does everybody have one manager, or is there more of a matrix relationship?
13. At what level are decisions about sales objectives made, local or corporate?
14. I wonder to what extent senior managers invite ideas and feedback from middle managers or entry level employees.
15. Your recruiting brochure mentioned that this firm believes in an open door policy. Are there unwritten rules about approaching your manager or your boss's boss? It would seem that an absolutely open door could get out of hand.
16. What really drives results in this job?
17. I am used to computers from college and my present job. I wonder what type of computer information system is being used here?
18. You seem very enthusiastic about this company. Can you tell me some of the reasons people like working here?
19. I sense that people enjoy working here. What precentage of employees was brought in by current employees? 
20. While I am glad we are discussing opportunities for me at your company, I am aware that there have been some serious cutbacks in staffing, including reductions in this department. How do your remaining staff members feel about bringing in an outsider when some of their friends have lost their jobs?

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