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20 Proven Interviewing Techniques That Will Impress the Interviewer!

Successful Interviewing Tips
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The purpose of interview #1 is not to get an offer. It’s to get the opportunity to return for interview #2.


#1. Interview tactics may change over the years, but a job interview is always like a date: It has to be a fit between you and the job, or there won’t be a second meeting.


#2. The easiest way to be successful in a job interview is to prepare. Research the company, Google your interviewer, and be prepared to ask intelligent questions.


#3. Practice really does make perfect. 90% of the questions you will be asked in an interview will be ones you can anticipate. Practice your responses to common questions.


#4. Always look your best for an interview. Get a feel for the company’s dress code but keep it on the formal side. Attire that is too casual can be unprofessional.


#5. Things not to bring to your job interview: gum, cell phones, iPods, and beverages. You should bring extra copies of your resume, your reference list, and questions to ask.


#6. Your interview begins the moment you walk through the company’s doors. Everyone you come in contact with may have an impact on the hiring process. Act accordingly.


#7. Interviews are a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time when answering questions — think about your response for a moment before you answer.


#8. Remember the CAR strategy in interviews. When asked for an example of your work, think (what was the) Challenge, (what) Action (did I take) and (what was the) Result.


#9. When the interview is over, it is okay to ask questions about things like when they expect to hire someone and how you can follow up. It shows your interest in the job.


#10. Be sure to follow up after the interview with a handwritten (preferred) or email thank you note. Little touches like that can make a big impact.


#11. The things that you do and say during the interview can either secure your dream job or send you back to the job hunt.


#12. Two things that will impress an interviewer: Putting forward a strong case as to why they should employ you and showing why you are interested in their company.


#13. What NOT to say in an interview is important too. Don’t badmouth your former company, co-workers, or boss.


#14. Enlist your friends to help in your job search. Do a mock interview with a friend and practice answering questions that might be asked during the interview.


#15. Doing well in a job interview depends on mental preparation. A person who is composed and relaxed is more likely to get the job than someone who is nervous and tense.


#16. Exercise can prepare you for an interview by burning off excess anxiety and releasing endorphins. (Just make sure you take a shower before your interview!)


#17. Create a list of questions you think would be difficult for you to answer. Then construct the perfect answers to mentally prepare yourself for the interview.


#18. Confidence is contagious. You need to be able to look in your interviewer’s eyes and know for a fact that they’re going to be better off hiring you than anyone else.


#19. Visualize success in the interview. Picture yourself interviewing. You are relaxed and confident, and you hit it off with the interviewer and get the job!


#20. Conduct research before the job interview. Study the company. Look at your interviewer’s LinkedIn profile. Study the stock price of the company. Google the company.

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