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Conducting an Online Job Search ~

Online Job Search Strategies
"Easy Doesn't Always Equal Effective"

Online job search sites offer an easy way to find – and apply for -- many opportunities, but easy doesn’t always equal effective. Stand out from the masses online.

One of the best uses for your time spent online is researching decision-makers and companies, not applying for positions online. When possible, research online; apply offline.
The subject line of your email is critical. Try to highlight something about you that might interest the recruiter or hiring manager.
In an email, if you have a contact in common, state that right upfront. For someone who is getting a lot of emails, knowing someone they know can make a big difference.
It’s tempting to want to go into all kinds of detail about yourself and why you’d be a good candidate in an email. Refrain from doing so. Keep your email brief.
For a job search, you should own your own name (if you can get it). Make sure you own your name’s domain — e.g., It can be as little as $10/year.
Look for jobs on Craigslist, a free classifieds board. Because it’s free, there’s a high volume of postings, but the quality of jobs is often lower than on paid sites.
Keep in mind that anytime you try to find a job with a job board website (especially Career Builder or, you’ll be up against a fair amount of competition.
If you have a preference for where you want to work, you should start your job search on that company’s website rather than using one of the major job boards.
If you find a position online that you’re really interested in, also follow-up with a resume and cover letter by mail.
Consider setting up a separate email address for your job search efforts, but make sure you check it regularly.
Participate in online communities. This can be social networking sites like Facebook or Linkedin, alumni sites (, or a trade association website.
Make a job search contact file. Whether on your computer, in a handwritten notebook, or on index cards, keep track of everything.
Disorganization breeds inefficiency, and an inefficient job search candidate will fall behind.
There is a direct correlation between the number of job search contacts you make and your response rate (interviews and offers).
Those who do not succeed in the job search are those who mail one resume here, another resume there, and perhaps, over a month, submit 5-10 resumes.
If you were referred by someone to the job, put that individual’s name in the subject line of the email – i.e., “Referral from Jane Doe.”
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