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The Role of Research in the Job Search for Job Seekers, Career Changers and People on the Move!
Job Search Research

Read everything you can about the company you apply to. Read news releases and every page on their website. Pay attention to their values. What do they stand for?

If you know who’s going to be interviewing you, learn as much as you can about them. Google them. That will also give you more material to build a connection with them.

Read your local business journal to find out about growing companies. These newspapers also often have a healthy “People” section that highlights promotions and new hires at companies.

Reference directories can also lead you to the right people. For example, the Manufacturers’ News sells databases and print directories of manufacturing businesses and contact information for the decision-makers at these companies.

The Yellow Pages can also be a source of potential employers. Look for your industry category and research the companies.

You can use the government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook to research your career prospects:

Reading a company blog is a good way to research a company. You can learn about the company’s goals, plans, and culture through blog posts.

You can find company, profession, and industry information on career information sites like

Interested in a specific company? Set up a Google News Alert( so you get emails about the company.

Websites like and offer inside information and company and industry profiles.

You can develop and purchase a custom mailing list of targeted companies using sites like or

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