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Entry Level Resumes
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Entry Level Resumes are ideal for job seekers with limited or less than 2 years of professional work experience, recent college graduates entering the workforce for the first time and unemployed applicants re-entering the job market following an extended leave of absence (10 years or more) from traditional employment. 

Compensation is often a top concern when looking for a new job or starting in a new career. 

Regardless of your career stage, salary can mean the difference between making ends meet and struggling financially. While most see their compensation increase with their age and years of experience, some industries offer high salaries right out of the gate to fresh grads and entry-level employees. The goal we set with our Entry Level Resumes is to position YOU, the job seeker, to capitalize on these opportunities!


To illustrate a job seekers' ability and suitability we focus our attention on four key areas: knowledge, skills, abilities and commitment to work in the absence of proven work experience.

  • KNOWLEDGE: Can be demonstrated by degrees, licenses, certifications, coursework completed and seminars/training classes attended;

  • SKILLS: Our resumes will highlight both your technical and major transferable skills, which we believe are major components to landing and sustaining employment;

  • ABILITY: Coupled with your technical skills, we will weave in paid work experience, volunteer experience, and internships;

  • COMMITMENT: Finally, unlike any other resume writing service, we give special attention in the resume to your passion for the industry, eagerness to learn and your commitment to adding value to the team.
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