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Evaluating the Offer?

Here are some things to think about:

1) How much do you need to make?

2) How much do you want to make?

3) What is the lowest salary you’d be willing to accept?
4) What is your salary goal?

5) Besides money, does this job fulfill any of your other needs — such as schedule flexibility, the opportunity to learn new skills, or the chance to do interesting work?

6) What kind of opportunities does the position offer for training, further education, and/or professional advancement?
7) Do you have other job prospects lined up?

8) How do they compare to this position?

9) What makes you worth a higher salary?

10) How do you compare to the other job candidates?

11) Do you have special skills that are hard to come by?

Once you have a better idea of the salary and non-cash compensation being offered, you can consider the offer.

Evaluate the Offer
Consider the Offer Carefully

To determine your fair market value for a specific job, you should consider the economic, geographic, and industry factors of the job offer.

It’s okay to ask for time to consider an offer — 24 hours, or the opportunity to “sleep on it” — is common.


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