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We understand how crucial a role a job placement company plays in your life, which is why   our team of expert career consultants is standing by to help pave the way. With unemployment  rates at an all time high, you need a company with a proven track record of success to back you.

Rest assured as a full-service staffing firm with close to 20 years' experience in Temporary, Temp-to-Permanent and Direct-Hire job placements, we can help you find the right company that suits your profile, qualifications and expertise. Dillard & Associates operates with the utmost integrity and seeks to furnish career staffing opportunities to thousands of people each year.

If you're in need of job placement assistance, whether it's in Health Care, Industrial, Information Technology, Office-Clerical, Professional-Managerial or Technical, we are here to help, and our diligent career consultants are waiting to assist you.


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Powerful Job Search Tips

Job Search Tips

Job Search Advice:

#1 Remember: Quality over quantity. You only need one company to hire you. Spend time identifying the right companies to work for, not contacting hundreds of companies.


#2 Learning how to sell yourself in a job search is the most important skill you will ever need, no matter what job you have.


#3 Do what you love; the money will follow. Learn what you are good at. When you find what type of job you do best, it will be easier for you to
go out and get it.

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20 Questions Candidates Can Ask to Dominate the Job Interview

Questions to Ask at Your Next Interview

#1. When you think about people who tend to do well in this job, what kind of qualities do they typically have?


#2. I understand that your company has been hiring people in this position for a number of years. Looking back at the people you hired three to five years ago, where are they now?


#3. Companies have different ways of acquiring talent. Some stress promotions from within while others are prone to look on the outside. What is the tendency at your company?


#4. I read in your recruiting brochure that new employees spend five weeks in training before starting hands-on in their new job. Could you tell me more about that?


#5. I certainly intend to work hard and prove my value to this company. If there is a formal evaluation system, are evaluations given at uniform times and would my immediate manager conduct the evaluation? What criteria are used?


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Special Report:
Do You Have Any Questions For Me?
The Question Every Candidate 
Should Be Prepared to Answer In an Interview
Do You Have Any Questions For Me?
FREE Special Report
This Report Covers:
* Questions You Should Ask
* Questions To Ask Headhunters and Recruiters
* Questions to Ask HR
* Questions to Ask Hiring Managers
* Other Probing Questions (Often for high-level assignments)
* Questions That Are Defensive (Designed to protect the employee)
* Questions Designed to Get Feedback

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