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Military-to-Civilian Resumes
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Military to Civilian Transition Resumes are strategically designed to meet the needs of military personnel desiring to transition from the armed forces into the civilian workforce.  

For whatever reason (e.g., retirement, unexpected medical or family hardship, no longer a good fit, etc.) you've decided to trade in your desert beige for corporate blue, you're going to need a well-written resume to help with the transition.

As an airman, marine, sailor or soldier, when you wear your military dress uniform, understand you are more or less a walking resume. Someone familiar with the insignia can easily determine about how long you've been in the military, which unit you're currently attached to, and where you've been stationed in the past. 

However, in the civilian world of work, things are just not that transparent. You have to tell someone all about you - on paper! 

Many veterans state their biggest challenge is not knowing how to translate their military experience into civilian terminology. You certainly can't walk up to a recruiter at a job fair and say, "I was a M283 Bradley Fighting Commander," and expect him or her to know what that means.

We can help, but here are a few things you must remember:

  • First, remember the purpose of the resume.  Although, it is written about you, it is not for you. It should be written for the employers.

  • Second, keep in mind that your resume, as powerful as it can be, more than likely won't land you a job. If it is well written and if you have the required skills and experiences that an employer is seeking, it may land you an interview, and that is the intent of writing it in the first place.

  • Finally, with more than 20 years' experience in the career services industry, we realize that there isn't one correct way to craft a resume. There are basic guidelines that the majority of job seekers follow and the majority of employers expect.

How can we help? 

With our Military to Civilian Transition Resumes, we give special attention to four key areas: transferable skillsabilitiescredentials and experience.  


  • TRANSFERABLE SKILLS: Our resumes will highlight both your technical and major transferable skills, which we believe are major components to landing and sustaining employment;

  • ABILITIES: Our resumes help you stand out for the right reasons - reassuring the interviewer that you are a wise-investment by offering proof of your ability to learn, adapt and produce results;  

  • CREDENTIALS: Can be demonstrated by degrees, licenses, certifications, coursework completed and seminars/training classes attended;

  • EXPERIENCE: Our Military to Civilian Transition Resumes will offer proof of proficiency by adding your unique, quantifiable and relevant accomplishments. 
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