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Professional Level Resumes are tailored to meet the needs of job seekers with 3 or more years of paid work experience, as well as those with Management and Director level qualifications.  

Job seekers, at this level, require a resume that will showcase their "knowledge", "action" and "results". In other words, "This is who I am, this is what I know, this is how I've applied what I know and this is how well I've performed." 

Regardless of profession or title, at some level we are all hired to do the same job - we are all problem solvers, paid to anticipate, prevent and solve problems within our areas of expertise. How your resume paints this picture in the mind of its reader is crucial to your career success. 

If you want to position yourself as a leading contender in this fast-paced, intense employment market, you must take a proactive role in managing your career. At this level, every word must count to "paint a clear picture" of who you are and what you have to offer.

To help achieve this goal, we give special attention to three key areas: challengeactionand results.  


  • CHALLENGE: State the problem. What was the situation? Was it typical of your job, or had something gone wrong?;

  • ACTION: What professional skills and professional behaviors did you bring into play to solve the problem?;

  • RESULTS: How did things turn out in the end? Did you: Make them money – Save them money – Save time – Make work easier – Solve a specific problem – Be more competitive – Build relationships – Expand business – Attract new customers – Retain existing customers?
Put your abilities, skill sets, experience levels, leadership style, selling style, promotability, and high potential to work for you!
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(3+ Years Experience)

  • Professional              Résumé
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Pricing & Options
(3+ Years Experience)

  • Professional Résumé (MS Word, PDF, ASCII)
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  • Customer Service

Pricing & Options
(3+ Years Experience)

  • Professional               Résumé (MS Word, PDF, ASCII) 
  • Cover & Post Interview Letter
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Pricing & Options