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"Give a Veteran a job and he or she will work today. Teach a Veteran how to get a job and he or she will work for a lifetime."

Enjoy the Following Benefits:

Free review and critique of a qualified Jobless Warrior’s resume.

• 25% discount off of regular pricing for Resume Writing services performed after the free review.

Participation Requirement:

Jobless Warrior must provide proof of their veteran status. Typical proof might be a scan or fax of their Military Separation Document (DD Form 214 or WD Form 53-55) or their Military ID (expired or otherwise.)

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Military-to-Civilian Resumes ~ 

Military to Civilian Transition Resumes are strategically designed to meet the needs of military personnel desiring to transition from the armed forces into the civilian workforce.

For whatever reason (e.g., retirement, unexpected medical or family hardship, no longer a good fit, etc.) you've decided to trade in your desert beige for corporate blue, you're going to need a well-written resume to help with the transition. Learn More

The Federal Resume ~ 

The Federal Resume is one of three documents accepted as an official application for position vacancies within the Federal government. The other two are the OF-612 and the traditional SF-171. The SF–171 is considered “obsolete”, no longer available and some agencies prefer it not be used; however, some agencies prefer it. It is not always easy knowing which one to use. We recommend going with the “latest and greatest” Federal resume, as this tends to be the most widely accepted and it can help your image to go with what is current.

Military Transition
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Federal R



(3+ Years Experience)

  • Federal Gov't Résumé 
  • Cover & Post Interview Letter
  • Professional LinkedIn® Profile

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