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Dillard & Associates: "Helping Jobseekers Advance Their Careers"
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"I recently wanted my resume updated and had the opportunity to work with Jessica and I must say it was an awesome experience. Within a week of providing my current job information, she was able to produce a well written and detailed format of my resume. Kudos to her and her team on a job well done. I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants their resume to stand out." A. Ferrer, Medical Billing Specialist, California (10-06-2015) 
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Dillard & Associates: "Helping Jobseekers Advance Their Careers"
"Helping Jobseekers Advance Their Careers"

Resume Writing Tips, Job Search Strategies, Interview Techniques, and Career Management Tools and Magnetic Thoughts from our writers... 

Job Search Tip: Connect With People
Career Management Tip: Observe and Mirror Success
Interview Tip: Demonstrate Ability & Suitability
Job Search Tip: Update Your LinkedIn Profile
Job Search Tip: Try Twitter!
Job Search Tip: Become a Recruiter Magnet on LinkedIn
Post-Interview Tip: Remain in the Forefront
Resume Writing Tip: Start With Your Transferable Skills
Teamwork Requires Emotional Maturity
Resume Writing Tip: 30 Seconds Make It Count
Set Specific and Measurable Goals
A Job Interview Can Be Over Before You Think It's Even Started
Interview Tip: Create opportunities using FRESH Tactics
Resume Writing Tip: 4 Purposes of a Resume
Professional References Tip - It Could Cost You a Job
Interview Questions: Collaboration and Teamwork
Interview Tip: Enthusiasm is the key - to enjoying "interviewing"
Job Search Tip: Well-timed Silence
Resume Writing Tip: Blasting Unsolicited Resumes
Career Management Tip: Have Someone Credible Vouch for You
Company Culture: Who gets rewarded, promoted or let go

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