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When you’re buying any major item (house, car, big screen television), it’s important to do your homework and find out the value of the item. It’s also important to do your homework when negotiating a salary or a raise.

Research the salary — for your position, level of experience, and industry. In addition to online salary sites, you can get information from your professional or trade association.

Research the prospective employer and its salary structure. If possible, talk to current or former employees. Alumni of your college or university who hold similar positions or who are employed by the same company may provide you with useful information. (LinkedIn can be a good source of contacts for this.)

Research the Prospective Employer

One of the easiest ways to find out salary information is online. There are websites that offer solid salary information. Use the list below to compare and contrast the various online salary sites.

Online Research
Conduct an Online Research

Compare & Contrast Salaries ~

Online Salary Sites and Salary Information

WeighYour Options

Bureau of Labor and Statistics (Wage Data by Area and Occupation)

Occupational Outlook Handbook (Earnings)

U.S. Office of Personnel Management Salaries & Wages


JobSmart Salary Surveys

CareerOneStop Salary and Benefits Information

National Association of College and Employers
(Annual summary of employment outlook and starting salaries for new graduates)

Robert Half International Salary Guides (accounting, finance, financial services, technology, legal, creative positions, administrative jobs)

You can also do a Google search for “average salary for (job title).” This can sometimes lead you to more specific salary data for a profession.

When using sites like and, compare job responsibilities, not job titles. A job title can mean different things at different companies.


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