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Prepare Supporting Documentation

to Back Up Your Salary Request ~

Preparing Supporting Documentation
"Prepare a 1 to 5 page document"

Whether negotiating an initial salary or asking for a raise, provide written materials to back up your salary request. This can include salary data from websites, previous performance evaluations, letters of recommendation, and job postings for similar positions. If you haven’t been keeping a “brag file,” now is the time to start. Keep a journal of your work accomplishments, letters of commendation from your boss, testimonial letters from customers, and awards. Identify what makes you different and/or “irreplaceable” from other candidates or employees.

When asking for a raise, prepare a 1- to 5-page document outlining what you’ve accomplished (including testimonials, either from other employees or excerpted from performance reports or project status updates) and your salary research. When you negotiate with a busy person, make it easy for them. If you come in with a fully fleshed-out document supporting your salary request, you make it easy for them to say yes.
If you are relocating, part of your salary research should include cost-of-living adjustments. You can use the CNN Money Calculator ( to assess differences between cities.
It can also help to understand what a prospective employer considers when offering a salary. The employer may evaluate:
    • the level of the job within the organization

    • the scarcity of the skills and experience needed for the job in the job market

    • the career progress and experience of the individual selected

    • the fair market value for the job you are filling

    • the salary range for the job within your organization

    • the salary range for the job within your geographic area

    • the existing economic conditions within your job market

    • the existing economic conditions within your industry, and company-specific factors that might affect the given salary, such as comparative jobs, company culture, pay philosophy, and promotion practices.


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